Wuhan Xiaolong off-road vehicle operation ceremony.

October 26, 2008 morning, Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan Xiaolong Xiaolong production commissioning ceremony was successfully held off-road vehicles. From Beijing, provinces, municipalities and mechanical automotive industry leaders, experts and hundreds of guests across the country attended the commissioning ceremony. Commissioning ceremony by the Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer Zhu Baishan chaired Caidian District Government District Xiezong Xiao, Xiaolong, chairman and general manager of weeks away down a speech to the meeting guests of China Machinery Industry Federation Zhang Xiaoyu, executive vice president of the Chinese auto Technology Research Center, Zhao Hang, the former general manager Chen Zutao head of steam, the former party secretary of the State Council Development Research Center, Chen Qingtai, former vice president of Interdisciplinary Trade Promotion Committee, vice president of Nanjing University of Science Qian Lin Fang, and his speech at the ceremony cut the ribbon for the line-off ceremony. Provincial, municipal and leaders of relevant departments have adopted different ways to congratulate Fujian Sanming municipal government also sent a congratulatory message. Ceremony in the production, I also with China North Industries Corporation, Beijing Research Institute of China signed an aspect of information technology products, technology and cooperation agreement. Xiaolong series is a special off-road vehicle on the contemporary world with the highest one of off-road vehicles off-road performance, the design does not follow the structure of foreign existing models, but completely independent design, self-contained, with complete independent intellectual property rights, owl Long car parts made of 100%; Xiaolong SUV Truck family of products, including long and short truck two series, there are 1.5 to 3.5 tons of various kinds of load models; were 4 × 4,6 × 6 and other forms of different drivers; wheelbase and track can be arranged according to the needs of different vehicle options; general assembly in most cases, deformation of the more than 30 different models. The company's products have their own unique advantages: powerful, top speed of 115 km, 100% capacity in Singapore. Also has excellent passing ability and the ability of vertical obstacle, in large craters, sand and other harsh road Rulvpingdi can go beyond the obstacles 55 cm high; not to increase capacity of any additional devices can be wading through 1.2 meters. Moreover, it accelerates the performance, good point, brake light, the series wide, with a significant price advantage. Xiaolong car is widely used in oil, water resources, geological prospecting, forest fire, telecommunications construction and ambulance wrecker. Import substitution and can compete in international markets. I currently have an annual production capacity of 3,000 different types of special off-road vehicles and chassis production capacity, and the timely start second phase of construction, will form the annual output of 10,000 sets of special off-road vehicle production capacity. China's auto industry one of the founders, former general manager Chen Zutao Although China's auto industry over eighty years, still made a special trip to congratulate him, cut the ribbon, Xiaolong He warmly praised the spirit of independent innovation, and world-class off-road autonomous vehicle to be highly intellectual property. In his view, "no way wild line" is a high performance vehicle, but also represents Xiaolong car repairer of the human spirit. "No way wild line" demo which is not superstition, courage innovation of the "bravery" and rely on themselves to actively create conditions to overcome the difficulties of "active and enterprising spirit."