The Journey To The End Of The Road--Departure Ceremony

11:30, announced by the head of Caidian District Xiezong Xiao ceremony officially started. Ceremony, the provincial, city, district leaders, Xiaolong company leaders delivered speeches respectively. In a solemn ceremony and warm atmosphere Song Yang, secretary personally started the car ignition, said Miles Wuhan Xiaolong car fleet off the plateau. The atmosphere ceremony culminated Xiaolong car fireworks, firecrackers, applause began a journey. "Wuhan Xiaolong car Plateau Miles " is divided into four stages, respectively, in May-August and the next 1,2 months to complete the high altitude (Tibet), high temperature (Turpan), desert driving (Hoh Xil), cold (Heilongjiang ) of the four high experiment, the whole event lasted for 4 months, a total of 16,000 km total trip. Through this event will show the market fully equipped cars Xiaolong excellent and wide through the series of high variability and so on. 2009 coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Tibet Autonomous Region, in order to promote Tibet's economic development, enhance national sentiment, Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan Xiaolong Shannan Prefecture of Tibet will donate two Xiaolong sport utility vehicle. Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Xiaolong, chairman of Mr. Zhou Chuiyuan Miles plateau in the car Xiaolong departure ceremony speech, said: "Fierce Dragon's car the car is Caidian; is Wuhan car; is the growth of car Chu earth; more Chinese people have full intellectual property rights and independently designed own brand of pure Chinese descent and cars. but she needs to see the world by storm, need to accept the market test. ""donated to the Tibetan people Xiaolong two cars, as presented to the 50th anniversary of Tibet's birthday present, so that Xiaolong cars to take root in the Tibetan plateau to contribute to the Tibetan people. " Under the guidance of the secretary Yang Song, under the care of leaders at all levels, in full support of partners, through the joint efforts of people Xiaolong, "Wuhan Xiaolong car Plateau Miles"campaign will be a complete success! Shannan Prefecture in Tibet, Wuhan, and two people will build a strong friendship, the two people will continue to write new chapter in mutual development! Xiaolong car will be for the national automotive industry to make greater contributions to the revitalization and development!